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Whether we are developing Premium Drupal Themes, or constructing a big site for 10 million visitors monthly! We are lead by passion and take pride in our WERK.

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Our GEEKS will code your concepts into functional Drupal systems following best practices and adhering to highest quality standards.

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    Theme your design

    Send us your mockups and we'll deliver a pixel-perfect themed Drupal site. Yo, that's our sweet spot.


    Code your specs

    Need custom modules for a complicated architecture and challenging business flows? We love that stuff!


    Support your site

    Focus on your core business and get a geek operate below the surface, so you don't have to. They call it smart!

Work = Passion and Pride.

Don't just take our word for it...

  • They really know the essentials of an online business. Geekpolis helped us shorten the time to market of our MVP, implementing features with top-notch GUI design.

    Dan Andrews Founder at TropicalMBA.com
  • Geekpolis team have done a fantastic job with our product -- a turnkey HL7 exchange gateway. One of the best offshoring partners I have worked with till date.

    Sanjesh Rao Systems Engineer at Chickasaw.com/cnips
  • As dedicated development partner Geekpolis team has delivered long-term and efficient solutions for Easia Travel DMC. They successfully trained our sales and editors to self-manage our multi-lingual portal.

    Christel Bonard Marketing Manager at Easia-Travel.com
  • Geekpolis are supporting our sales & manufacturing needs for years and I would always recommend this team to build your online systems. These guys are smart, resourceful and dependable professionals.

    Jim Hollen Owner at RICHLTD.com

We are Geekpolis

  • Captain
    Tom Tran
    • Servant Leader
    • Product Management
  • Themer
    Hai Cao
    • ZEN / Omega
    • Sass / Compass
  • Developer
    Tan Nguyen
    • Sitebuilding
    • Module Development
  • Team Lead
    • Solutions Engineer
    • Project Management
  • Operations & QA
    Rose Nguyen
    • Quality management
    • Team processes
  • Front-end
    Feb Dao
    • Front-end Engineer
    • jQuery Developer
  • Developer
    Luu Chuyen
    • Server-side scripting
    • Symphony 2
  • Management
    Lena Nguyen
    • Training & Development
    • Project Delivery
  • Designer
    Thanh Hien
    • Wireframing
    • PSD & AI Mockups
  • Developer
    Matt Nguyen
    • Module Development
    • Angular JS
  • Business & Quality
    Tim Wooten
    • Client Consulting
    • Project/Quality Management
  • Themer
    Bien Vu
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Pixelperfect slicer
  • Business Analyst & QA
    Joan Nguyen
    • Systems Analysis
    • Funtional Testing
  • Strategos
    Bing Tran
    • Master Butler
    • Happiness Management
  • Designer
    Kenny Nguyen
    • Conceptualization
    • Web Graphic Design

Geekpolis Culture

The best form of organization is the one that leads to the greatest common good.

Until the kings have the spirit and power of true philosophy ... then only will our Polis have a possibility of life and behold the light of day. A selfish leader will never enjoy the tastes of true freedom or friendship. Only a truth-loving leader can access the devine Form of Goods.

- Politeia by Plato 380BC

Our POLIS is an organization that is governed by it's own members -- THE GEEKS. We are passionate craftsmen and engineers, we never stop pushing our limits and strive for continous improvement. We are an unconventional crowd, no position titles but rather flat role based management, no corporate dress code but shorts and tanks are really very welcome.

The great goal is to achieve true work-life happiness! We look after each other like a faimily, always offering fellow members a supporting hand. Our philosophy is to put the serving of others first, keep working hard to earn the respect from the global community and Geekpolis will organically rise.


Virtues of

the Geek

  • Servant Leadership
  • Value honest Criticism
  • Conflict is the motor of Innovation
  • Details make big Difference
  • Earn trust and lasting respect
  • Future proof solutions
  • Passion and Happiness at work
  • Continuous improvement